Woodbury Public Library cards include LOGIN membership and are free to those who live in or own property in Woodbury. Applicants must complete a Patron Application, available online or at the library. Valid identification, providing proof of who you are (e.g., driver’s license or photo ID), and where you live (e.g., utility bill, rent receipt, etc.) is required. Those who are employed in Woodbury are eligible for a card that may be used only at the Woodbury Public Library.

Children age 6 and up are eligible for Woodbury Public Library cards. Children under 18 years of age need a parent or legal guardian to show proper ID and co-sign the application. Woodbury Junior/Senior High School students may use class schedules or school ID cards to demonstrate residency. Applicants must complete a Patron Application, available online or at the library.

Your Woodbury Public Library LOGIN card agreement requires borrowed library materials to be returned on time and in good condition.  For further information about our borrowing policies, please see our online Circulation Policy and Video Policy.

When the library is closed, you may return materials in the drop box in front of the library, or in the return slot on the Russell Street side, next to the delivery entrance.

Computers providing access to the LOGIN online catalog are located across from the Circulation Desk on the library’s first floor, and near the top of the stairs on our second floor. Using this catalog, you can search our holdings as well as the holdings of the 19 other LOGIN  libraries. Also, please feel free to ask the library staff for assistance in locating the materials you need.

The Woodbury Public Library Circulation Policy, Video Policy, Computer Use Policy, Collection Development Policy, and Rules Governing the Use of the Library are all available online at our Library Policies page. For printed copies, please ask any staff member on your next visit.

The Woodbury Public Library’s collection is now on the World Wide Web, via the LOGIN catalog. You can search our holdings and the holdings of the 14 other LOGIN system libraries. You may also place a hold on books that are currently checked out, view your own record to check for due dates or fines, or even renew your own material online. Click here to connect to the LOGIN catalog online.

Woodbury Public Library cardholders may access many of the online reference resources available at the Woodbury Public Library from any home computer. Please see our Reference/ Online Resource page for links to the databases available for remote access. You’ll need the barcode number from your Woodbury-issued library card, so have your card handy.

If a book or other material is not on the shelf, a staff member can tell you if it is on loan or missing. If a copy is unavailable at our library, a system-wide hold can be placed on the material.  Your request may be filled by our copy when it becomes available or by another LOGIN library’s copy of that title sent for you to pick up here. If you prefer, we can arrange to have another LOGIN library hold the item for you to pick up there. A staff member will be happy to place holds for you, or you can use the LOGIN Catalog to place your own holds. If material is unavailable within the LOGIN Consortium, you may ask a staff member to arrange an Interlibrary Loan, or you can place your own Interlibrary Loan requests from your home computer, using JerseyCat. When requests are ready for you to pick up, you will be notified by a phone call.

Our Children’s Program Coordinator Audra Bonfiglio conducts a variety of children’s programming throughout the year. For information about our children’s programs, see our children’s page, or check out our online Library Calendar.

Yes, we currently have 16 IBM-PC compatible computers available for public use, 2 iMacs, and 3 AWE touch-screen Early Literacy Center computers. We also offer free wireless Internet access for the use of individuals who bring a laptop or mobile devices with them to the library. For more information, please see our Computers at the Library page.