Fax Policy

Woodbury Public Library
Fax Policy

 The Woodbury Public Library is pleased to provide a fax service to the public. Library users needing fax service will be accommodated as soon as possible, but library services and operations will take priority.


  • Woodbury Public Library Fax number is (856) 845-5280.
  • Operation of the fax machine is limited to library staff.
  • Fax transmission charges are $1.50 for the first page, $1.00 for each additional page.
  • Fees must be paid before the fax transmission begins.
  • If the first call results in a busy signal or other failed connection, 4 more attempts will be made to transmit in the next 10 minutes. If failure persists for 10 minutes, transmissions may be resubmitted one hour later. If the call still cannot be completed, library staff will ask the patron to verify the phone number. Only the patron may determine the success of the transmission by calling the recipient. Library phones cannot be used for this purpose. Patrons must be in the library to send faxes.
  • Letter size (8 ½” x 11”) fax transmissions may also be received at the Library. The price for receiving faxes is $1.00 per page.      
  • Library staff will not monitor items faxed to the Library. Incoming fax sheets will remain at the fax machine for the patron to collect. Patrons failing to collect faxes in a timely manner will have the charges posted to their library records for payment at their next visit. Payment must be made at the Circulation desk by cash only.
  • Fax transmission/collection service is available only during the hours the Library is open, staff time permitting. Library services take priority over fax requests.
  • Transmission errors are common, and print quality is variable and not controllable by the Library.
  • The Library is NOT responsible for successful transmission of outgoing or incoming faxes, nor is the library responsible for any damage, loss of data or consequential damage arising out of the use of this service.


Adopted by the Woodbury Public Library Board of Trustees 11/22/2010