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 Library Materials Selection Policy



The mission of the Woodbury Public Library is to provide access to resources that inform, educate and entertain our diverse community. It is a center for lifelong learning, welcoming patrons of all ages, backgrounds and interests. The Library’s collections respond to the informational, education and cultural needs of the community.

The Library is a public forum for collecting, using, and disseminating information and ideas in a democratic and free society. The Library also is neutral ground, making information and ideas available without discrimination, without coercing a viewpoint on our public, and by resisting barriers to information others may wish to impose. Inclusion of material in the collection does not consist of endorsement of its viewpoint by the Library.


The Board of Trustees delegates the responsibility for the selection to the Library Director and other certified librarians on staff.

Selection of Materials

Providing a high quality library collection is an art, not a science, and many factors are considered in the selection process.

The most important factor in selecting materials is to acquire items of current usefulness and of interest to the patrons of the Library. For items in high demand, duplicate copies may be purchased.

Many other selection factors include: anticipated demand; patron requests; price; positive reviews in professional library journals; format; presentation; differing points of view or perspective; and the needs of the current collection.

The Library may join with other libraries to jointly offer certain materials on a rotating or cooperative basis.

As determined by the Director and staff librarians, and in accordance with national and regional protocols, interlibrary loan will be used to fulfill appropriate requests from patrons.

Types of Materials Collected

Information is collected and made available in many formats. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Books (large print, bi-lingual, foreign language, etc.)
  • Periodicals & Newspapers
  • DVDs and Videogames
  • Audiobooks
  • Music CDs
  • Databases

Because of space and budget limitations, certain types of materials may be collected in the format that we believe to be the most useful for our patrons.

In the event of a State Mandated Closure, the Library may choose to halt the delivery of new materials from its book vendors until it reopens. In turn, delivery of new materials is contingent on the status of vendor delivery availability both in-state and nationwide.

Donations of Books and Other Material

Donations of books and other material to the Library are evaluated by the staff librarians for their usefulness to the collection, being guided by the same general selection principles as for newly purchased materials.

Donations are not guaranteed to be added to the library collection. Once donated, items become property of the Library to add to the collection, sell on behalf of The Friends of the Library, or dispose of, if found to be in poor condition.

Donations will be acknowledged, and a receipt written upon request. However, the responsibility for assigning a monetary value of the donation is with the donor, not the library.

The Library reserves the right to refuse donations based on limited storage capacity, lack of space to quarantine items, the potential of a health hazard to staff, or in the case of a temporary or long-term building closure.

Removing Materials from the Collection

Space in the Library is finite. The ongoing acquisition of new materials also necessitates the ongoing removal of other materials.

The Library’s certified Librarians utilize the CREW Method: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries by The Texas State Library and Archives Commission to determine which materials should be removed from the collection. Reasons may include, but are not limited to:

  • Obsolescence (outdated images, information, or misinformation)
  • Poor Circulation
  • Popularity and Topicality
  • Subject Collection size and strength
  • Condition of material

Withdrawn materials may be sold or discarded dependent on condition, popularity, and room.

Quarantining of Materials

In the event of a community health crisis, the Library will follow CDC and WHO guidelines on the quarantining of materials based on the nature of the health hazard and its potential spread.

Challenges to Materials

Any person who wishes to challenge a book or request certain material to be withdrawn from the Library shall fill out a Material Reconsideration Form and return it to the attention of the Library Director. The Director and the Board will review the material in question and determine the proper resolution to the request. Solutions may include moving the item to a different library collection within the library or identifying the subject matter of the title with a proper classification spine label. Material Reconsideration Forms are available in person at the Library.

During the time any complaint is under review, the challenged material will not be removed from the active collection.

Intellectual Freedom

The Board of Trustees of the Woodbury Public Library affirms its commitment to:





Adopted by the Woodbury Public Library Board of Trustees on Nov. 26th, 2007.

Revised and adopted by the Woodbury Public Library Board of Trustees on Oct. 28th, 2019.

Revised and adopted by the Woodbury Public Library Board of Trustees on Sept. 28th, 2020.