The Woodbury Public Library offers a wide variety of online resources that are available at the library.

Our Children’s Multimedia Center, located across from the Circulation Desk on the first floor, features 2 AWE Early Literacy Stations. These exciting learning tools offer a brilliant 20″ touch screen, headphones, colorful keyboard and child-sized mouse, and come loaded with over 50 educational games designed for ages 2 through 10.  These machines are all available for use by all children aged 2-12, regardless of library membership. Children under 8 may use them when accompanied by an adult.

On the 2nd Floor of the library, we have 16 computers equipped with high-speed Internet access, Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, Publisher, Access and PowerPoint) and a variety of other applications such as Resume Maker, Adobe PhotoShop, and more. They also offer a number of online subscriber services, including EBSCOhost’s full-text periodical database and Reference USA, to name just a couple. Two of these computers are 20″ iMacs, and the rest are PCs. All of these computers are equipped with audio jacks to accommodate your earphones. These computers are available for independent use by patrons over 8 years of age. Users under 8 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Our public Internet computers are also available for use by adults without LOGIN cards, subject to the same rules regarding parental supervision and permission for minors.

There is also one AWE Early Literacy Station on the 2nd Floor. This is primarily intended for the use of children while accompanying adults who need to work on our 2nd Floor public computers. As with the AWE computers on the first floor, it offers over 50 education games, colorful keyboard and child-sized mouse, headphones, and a brilliant touch-screen interface.

Two of our public computers are also equipped with a free self-service scanner. Patrons may use the scanners to scan photos, documents, etc., to be saved in a digital format, edited or sent via email.

All public computers are equipped with easily-accessed front USB ports, and patrons are welcome to use these to save files to flash drives, keychain drives, etc.  We have USB keychain drives available for sale at the Reference Desk for $5.00 each.  All public computers can print black-ink copies, which should be retrieved at the Reference Desk. There is no charge for up to two copies per user per day; quantities over that amount cost 10 cents per page.** A ‘page’ is one printed side; double-sided printouts will be counted as 2 pages.  Patrons are responsible for payment of all copies that they caused to be printed, and payment must be in cash – we do not accept debit or credit cards. It is suggested that patrons use the ‘Print Preview’ command to determine how many pages a print request may create before printing. Please pay for copies at the Reference Desk upstairs

Computers are available on a first-come, first-served basis; reservations are not accepted. A staff member can assist you in logging on to the computers. Please be aware that by using the computers at the Woodbury Public Library, you are agreeing to comply with the library’s Computer Use Policy.

free-wifiThe entire Woodbury Library building is a free broadband wireless Internet hotspot.  You can access our network with any device (laptop computer, tablet, smart phone, etc.) that is compatible with common wireless standards. The network is designed for ease of use, so you do not need any passwords, PINs, WEP keys or encryption schemes. In most cases  your wireless device will automatically detect the Library’s wireless signal, identified as ‘Woodburypubliclibrary-2.4’, and configure itself to use our system. If your equipment needs to be directed to our network manually, use the following values:

     SSID (or Network Name): Woodburypubliclibrary-2.4, Woodburypubliclibrary-5 or WoodburyLibrary_EXT

     Network Mode: Infrastructure

     WEP: Disabled

     IP (or Network settings): Obtain IP address automatically

     DNS: Obtain DNS automatically

For more information about wireless Internet access at the Woodbury Public Library, ask at the Reference Desk on the second floor. Each computer model varies, so library staff is able to offer only extremely limited personal technical assistance with your configuration. Our wireless Internet signal is not encrypted or restricted in any way, and should NOT be considered as a secure or private connection. The library cannot take responsibility for any issues that may arise in connection with use of our wireless signal. Parents of children with access to wireless devices are strongly advised to supervise and monitor their use, as our wireless Internet signal is completely unfiltered. The Library and its staff are not responsible for Internet material accessed by any user, including children.